Welcome to ADHD360

ADHD360 is a novel, integrated platform encapsulated within the features of a serious game that aims at diagnosing and treating Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) through the help of modern artificial intelligence algorithms and techniques.

What is ADHD?

ADHD is the most commonly diagnosed mental disorder and is mainly characterized by difficulties in paying attention, excessive activity, disruptivity and impulsivity. Up to this day, the diagnosis, the interventions and the evaluation of the treatment effectiveness are based on systematic record of the symptoms done by experts, which are often prone to subjectivity.

How does ADHD360 work?

Diagnosis and prediction

The ADHD360 platform performs statistical analyses of measurable statistics of ADHD for the improvement of diagnostic accuracy and the creation of predictive models with Artificial Intelligence methods.

Intervention Evaluation

Constant result evaluations are performed regularly for the continuous improvement of the platform. An appropriately configured version of the WHAAM application is used, and results are made available exclusively to experts.

Complete solution

ADHD360 is an integrated solution for individuals that want to be informed on ADHD or use the provided services, especially parents, educators, health experts and people with ADHD.

Our team

Τhe Intelligent Systems Lab (Informatics Department, AUTh), MEDPHYS lab (School of Medicine, AUTh) and The Second Method LTD. cooperate for the realization of this project. This collaboration brings together the necessary knowledge and technical expertise regarding data analysis, machine learning, medical protocols, software development and gamification that the project requires.

The Second Method (TSM)

The Second Method develops interactive serious games and a range of products focused on cognitive training and rehabilitation.

Medical Physics Lab (MEDPHYS)

MEDPHYS is dedicated to training young doctors in the principles of physics, biomedical technology and their applications in the Health Sciences.

Intelligent Systems Lab

The lab’s research interests span a wide area of Artificial Intelligence, including Knowledge Representation and Reasoning, Planning, Machine Learning, Data Mining, Logic Programming and the Semantic Web.

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